Amanda's Babylist Registry

Amanda's Babylist Registry

Hi All! Amanda here. If you don't know me, I'm part of the Marketing Team at June & January and help run a lot of our social media. If you don't know us, you can read a little bit about our roles here

My husband and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, due January 1st and could not be more excited. I wanted to share some of my top baby picks with you along with a few tips I had for adding June & January to your registry.

I used BabyList for my registry and found it super easy to use. Singing up online is simple and fast - you can add things from any store via their app or a direct link to the items of your choosing.
(If you're in to shortcuts, you can also add the Chrome extension.)


everyone swears by these so I knew this was a NEED

Moon Mobile
I've always loved BabyJives and knew I'd incorporate something of hers in our space for baby. 

Crib Sheet & Blanket
J&J has always been one of my favorite things to gift to friends who are expecting and they always tell me they LOVE our blankets. Those are a must for me and I cannot wait to use them myself. I actually picked out the area rug below because I could match all of the J&J Crib Sheets and Change Pad Covers to it (before I even knew if we were having a boy or girl!)

Area Rug
I'm definitely an Ashley G. fan girl so I was excited to find this perfect rug and even more thrilled when I realized it was one of her designs. Again, it goes perfectly with so many J&J colors and it gorgeous in person! 


Bonnet & Booties
So many of my friends are having babies and they swear by our booties. They're velcro and word on the street is they actually stay on. I made sure to stock up on my favorite colors. Bonnets are just adorable and I hope baby girl fits in to them soon! 

BabyLit Books
One of team members gifted me an entire set of BabyLit Books! I love the colorful illustrations and thick pages for tiny hands. 

Zoe Organics Baby Kit
I've been obsessed with Zoe Organics for some time, so it was a simple choice to go with this whole set.

I've heard so many great things about these teethers, and they're cute to boot. 

Newborn Side Snap Bodysuit
I love that our newborn size bodysuit completely unsnaps, so no lifting over tiny baby's head! It's so hard finding simple cute bodysuits so I asked for lots of these! 

Hooded Towel
I've found that a lot of the towels we were gifted were so thin and light. The J&J Hooded Towel is super thick and I can absolutely see myself wrapping baby up in them all the time! 
If you haven't heard the good news, J&J is adding DOTS to our lineup...I can't wait to add dot towels to my collection.


Onyx Stripe Wet Bag
From our Grovia collab. The wet bags are so roomy and amazing even if you're not planning to cloth diaper. I LOVE them. 

RePlay Snack Cups
While baby won't be having snack soon, I definitely will. I love RePlay and these are great for pacifier storage too. 

Fawn Design Diaper Bag
Ok, I'll admit it. I've already been using a Fawn bag as a purse since we were gifted one. People always compliment it not knowing it's a diaper bag. There's plenty of inside and outside pockets for organizing and I love that I can use as a backpack for when my hands will be full! 

Can't wait to introduce our little girl to all of you! Keep an eye out on our Instagram stories and our social media for her big introduction.  

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