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Cobalt Star + Heather Release Details!

Racer Tanks, Tank Swing Dresses and Heather are coming soon! Perfect for Summer BBQ's and the 4th of July! 


  • Taylor

    I can wait for this new collection! What is more adorable this summer than a 4th of July launch! I want pictures of my little’s eating bomb pops in their little swing dress’s! 💙

  • Jamie

    We need that tank. Ben loves stars!

  • Amy

    I am so excited about the cobalt snow star dress🤩 I have a daughter with a July 3 birthday and that dress is too perfect for her💙

  • Cathi Diedriech

    No need to look for fireworks in the sky on 7/4 – all the J&J kiddos will be the ones showing off their fab and comfy style. 💥 ☀️

  • Thania

    Can’t wait for this collection, it is perfect for the 4th of July!

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