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Currently Obsessed: Amy B.'s Picks

Hi I'm Amy Boyle, COO & partner at June & January; it's hard to believe that I originally started in 2012 simply as a part-time Virtual Assistant! Now I wear many hats for the brand but still love best what I started out doing-- connecting with all of you!

These are my kiddos, Esme, age 9 and Jack, age 5.

I am totally obsessed with Harry Potter! My own obsession began in the early aughts when a friend nudged me to try to see what she saw in the series, and of course I fell hard. Now that I've shared it with my children, we are fully immersed in the world of Hogwarts-- being sorted into houses, watching the kids race around with their wands flinging spells, listening to Wizard Rock. Experiencing it freshly through my children's eyes definitely has recaptured the magic of the series in a whole new way for me!

I'm also totally obsessed with this cookie recipe from Smitten Kitchen. They're my favorite go to recipe.


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