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DIY Peep Pins!

Easter is on it's way and we are pretty excited about it! To help you celebrate with your littles, we made these fun and easy peep pins in our Marigold and Blush colors. So cute, right? Here is what you need to make your own at home:

Here's how to make them:

1//Download the design and print it out on your Shrinky Dink paper
Be sure to use photo paper setting on your printer!

2//Grab your scissors and carefully cut out each design.
You'll notice the print out is much larger than the pins and the colors are much lighter too.
During the baking process, the designs shrink (imagine that!) and the colors darken quite a bit.

3//Bake your designs according to the Shrinky Dink Paper directions.
Once they are baked and cooled, use the super glue to glue on your pin backs and you're done! 

How cute are they on our Blush cardigan? Perfect for Easter!


They are the perfect size for filling eggs too!


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