Easter Basket Guide: For Toddler

Easter Basket Guide: For Toddler

This guide was SO fun to curate! We found what we think are the freshest finds for toddlers. 

1. TWEE Numbers Chalk // Chalk and a learning element (and they're really pretty!) 

2. The Dough Parlour // This dough is scented and in our experience, kips kids entertained for EXTRA long. IDK if it's the added sensory aspect or what but it works. Tons of scents! 

3. SABO Rainbow // Such a timeless toy that looks great on the shelf. 

4. Wee Gallery Puzzle // The illustrations on these are so great and bonus that it includes a bunny! We love that the puzzle pieces double as little wooden animals to play with. 

5. Ooly Brilliant Bee Crayons // These are PIGMENTED and are triangular so they don't roll away from little hands. The self-contained (cute) case is a major BONUS! 

6. HABA Musical Eggs // Each egg makes a different sound when you shake them! Perfect replacement for candy filled eggs in their basket and a wonderful sensory toy. 

7. Ooly Color-in' Book // Cute, Springy scenes in this color-in' book! 

8. Eco-Kids Egg Chalk // Another cute take on chalk! Perfect Easter nod in the egg crate. 

9. Plus Plus BIG Bunny // Introduce them to the fun world of Plus Plus early! Build a bunny or create anything else they wish! 

10. Tegu Baby's First Blocks // These wooden blocks are magnetic and SO FUN. Another fantastic brand to introduce them to early. Babies love the magnets. 

11. Plan Toys Radish Clapper // Makes noise and is on theme! 

12. June & January Short Socks // These socks are the best and comes in TONS of colors. 2 pairs to a pack and the perfect size to stuff in a large Easter egg. 

Shop the full collection of Basket Basics here! 

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