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Free Printable Bunny Mask

Bunny Mask Free Printable | June & January

Easter is just a few days away and we're so excited for our little ones to see the baskets we put together for them (including some of our favorite J&J of course)! Whether you celebrate or not we thought bunny masks would be a fun activity to add to your week. 

Bunny Mask Free Printable | June & January

We grabbed a few basic supplies to decorate ours:

Printable Bunny Mask
Colored Pencils
Popsicle Stick & Glue
Fun Colored Pom Poms for a nose 
Colored Paper for Whiskers (Pipe Cleaners would work great too)

You can add or use anything else you'd like! To make your mask more sturdy, print it out and glue the printed sheet to a blank piece of paper to make double the thickness...or print on a sturdy card stock. 

Bunny Mask Free Printable | June & January

Once your little ones have finished coloring, add the popsicle stick and you're all set! 


You can download the mask right here
Our bunny model is wearing the Teal Dot Leo and our new Grapefruit Stripe Bloomers!


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