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One of our favorite things here at June & January is being apart of the biggest moments in your kiddos lives, especially those first moments. We are so excited to bring you your very own J&J printable sticker for your newest bundle. Such an easy project to print out and throw in your hospital bag! The hardest choice you will have to make is whether to pick bubblegum, mint, or wasabi. Now, let's all ohhh and ahh over the cutest baby I've ever seen. 

 Here's what you do! Click here for "Hello My Name Is" printable. You'll want to purchase sheets of sticker paper or THESE printable name tags. They are about $6 for 80 so it'd be a great thing to have on hand for gifting or buddying up with friends to split the cost down even further! 

Print out your preferred color. 

Fill in Baby's Name!

Pack it up in your hospital bag for your big announcement! 

Thanks again to Betsy for sending us these beautiful shots of her Harvey! 



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