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It’s Ashly again from Alice on Sunday. If you’ve checked in on our adventures in the past few months, you know that we have moved back to my home town of San Antonio, TX. Home schooling my kids means that we get to explore our city more than the typical family and, let me tell you, San Antonio has no shortage of options for eating, playing and having a good time. 

Here are a few places in my city that you should check with your littles the next time your family is in town. 

Landa Gardens Conservatory

The Landa Library is located in the Monte Vista historical neighborhood, close to down town, and was once the private residential property of Harry and Hannah Landa. Harry Landa donated the home and the 5 acres it was built on to the City of San Antonio to be used as a free library and children’s playground. 

The home has been transformed into a beautiful library (my favorite in the city) and the rest of the land has been revitalized into areas for reading, playing, eating and gathering for children and their families.

The DoSeum

The children’s museum of San Antonio is an absolute winner. If you have a kid between 1-13 years old, there is something for them here. Our family has a membership because we go so much and it never gets old. Even as an adult, I thoroughly enjoy some of the areas. I’ve been to a few children’s museums that didn’t entertain me; I feel like: I drove, I paid, WHAT ABOUT ME?! lol. The DoSeum of San Antonio is such a joy for the artsy, musical, practical, imaginary-driven, and STEM-loving person. You and your kiddos will love it. 

Bakery Lorraine at The Pearl 

This is one of my absolute favorite places to eat in San Antonio. The coffee is delicious and local, the baked goods are divine and the small menu has some really delicious, thoughtful plates. My favorite is the cauliflower grilled cheese. It. Is. Too. Good. Most days though, we go for coffee and sweets. 

Bakery Lorraine is smack dabb in the center of The Pearl— an area in downtown San Antonio that has been receiving an influx of interest and re-investment. The Pearl, actually, use to be a full-scale brewery. There is still a small brewery there but, now, the property is flush with apartments, restaurants, small boutique shops, a splash pad for the warmer months and a faux- grass area for the local library read- alouds, yoga, and a bunch of other really cool stuff. 


The next time you’re in town, I hope you check out these spots. Also, feel free to hit me up for other great spots; my list is long and varied! 

And. of course, my kiddos are in Cobalt, Wasabi, and Avocado pieces from June & January. 


With love from San Antonio,


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