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J&J [patch] Project

We are so incredibly excited to bring you our new J&J PATCH collection! You thought our clothes were the best, just wait until you add an ice cream patch to your favorite tank jumper or throw your kiddos name on her swing dress! In this post, I will be going over how you apply the patches. I chose to personalize a cardigan for Moses and give Millie rainbow flare on her long sleeve ballet top

[STEP ONE] Place patches where you want them. 

[STEP TWO] Turn on iron. I put mine on the cotton setting.

[STEP THREE] Place a pillow case over the patch so you don't burn the clothing or the patch. You can also place a pillow case between the inside of the shirt so you don't iron an indention onto the other side of the clothing. 

[STEP FOUR] Iron the pillow case. Mine took a few minutes. Don't be shy either, you want the patch to fully heat up so it sticks well. 

[STEP FIVE] Thats it! Your personalized J&J is ready to be rocked!





  • Megan Dombeck

    These would be perfect on the jean jacket I just bought for my little one! That way it will always match our J&J 😎

  • megan e badger

    I simply can not wait to do this with all our cardi’s and pullovers!

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