JJ Halloween '16

JJ Halloween '16

Recently, we wrapped on a phenomenal photo shoot with the amazing photographer Elizabeth Pettey for our Fall Launch and LOTS of Halloween Inspiration. We wanted to show you how to pair your favorite June & January kids clothes with some simple pieces for really fun costumes...that your kiddos can continue to wear in to the Spring! Here is everything you need to re-create the costumes from our shoot!

1// Amelia Earhart
Teal Leotard
Bomber Jacket

2// Artist
Striped Tee & Pants
Paint Pallete
Paint Brush

3// Olympian 
Leotard & Knit Tights

4// Apple of My Eye
Knit Tights & Leotard
Felt and String used to create leaves
Add seeds to make a Strawberry Costume! 

5// Pineapple 
Leotard & Knit Tights
Headpiece made with Styrofoam Cone, Simple Headband, and Cut Paper

6// Grape
Leotard & Knit Tights
Stem made from headband and rolled felt

7// Madeline
Hat & Collar 
Knee Highs

8// Bat Girl #1
Leotard & Knee Highs

9// Bat Girl #2
Leotard & Knee Highs
Cape & Hat

10// Where's Waldo?
Tee & Pants
Pants alternate #1, Alternate #2

11// Pirate
Tee & Pants
Pirate Beard Set
Map & Parrot

Head to our Instagram to see more real life inspiration under the hashtag #JJHalloween16!

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You have outdone yourself June & January by hitting me at my core…HALLOWEEN! It just so happens that Halloween is my favorite holiday and I cannot get enough of these cute costumes! And the bonus for trying some of these costumes is that my daughter will have stylish clothing to wear afterwards! Xoxoxo

Heather E.

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