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#jjmakesclothes for giving back: BACK TO SCHOOL BASH

I always say that every event is my favorite, but no really! THIS event is my favorite! Our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH was able to give J&J backpacks to 400 kids! yes, you read that correctly. Four hundred kiddos! Every single student at Blackshear Elementary here in Austin received a free backpack because of you! We threw a "Buy One, Give One" campaign when the backpacks released and were blown away by your generosity. 

Not only were we able to give 400 deserving kiddos new backpacks, but we were able to throw them a BACK TO SCHOOL BASH! This consisted of a bounce house, popsicles, crafts, and the cutest photo backdrop. All thanks to the most amazing sponsors mentioned below!

A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors!

Alexa James for hosting our pop-up which helped fund this incredible event!

Ooly for the cutest mailers that went out to all of our customers! 

The Coop for creating the crafting table of every kids dreams! The owner and employees stayed for the entire event and helped each kiddo with their craft! These kids couldn't stop smiling when they walked away from that table.

Good Pop for donating the most amazing all natural popsicles! It was a good 105 degree Texas day so these popsicles were necessary and delicious.

And again, if you were able to buy one of our backpacks during the campaign we want to thank YOU! From the bottom of our hearts. 

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