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Lemon Book Round-Up with BOOK BLOOM.

We are excited to introduce you to one of our long-time friends and favorite people on the internet, Miranda Rosbach from Book Bloom! Miranda is a librarian turned children’s book reviewer and stay-at-home-mama. In her spare time she likes scouting new restaurants and colorful murals. She lives in St.Louis with her husband and two daughters. She is bringing us all the lemons and sunshine vibes for Spring with this book round-up! Enjoy! -- 
Miranda here! Be it a sunny day in the middle of winter or the first burst of daffodils in spring, the color yellow exudes happiness. To celebrate the most energetic primary color, we’ve put together a list of 16 yellow clad children’s books (published in the last 10 years) that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Covering ages 0-12+, there’s something for everyone. Who knows, you might even be tempted to coordinate your outward facing book shelves.


By: Charley Harper
Not your ordinary colors book, this modernist take is replete with Charley Harper’s iconic wildlife images. Each spread encourages little readers to look at the natural world from a different angle. A fun book to pair with an outdoor color-hunt.
(Ages 0-3)
By: Lucie Félix
A break-apart and put-back-together board book. Little fingers love removing and replacing the sturdy shapes found throughout this interactive and thoughtfully designed gem.
(Ages 0-3)
By: Bénédicte Guettier
More foam than traditional board book, this story follows Mr. Wolf as he gets ready for the day. Culminating in a rather fiendish objective at the end. (Note: some young children will be scared by this one, while others will find it hilarious.)
(Ages 2-5)
By: Monique Gray Smith
With a vibrant yellow cover and inviting text this book exudes happiness from start to finish—reminding readers to look for and savor everyday joy-filled moments. An excellent one to gift at baby showers too.
(Ages 0-3)


By: Jim Whalley
Baby Frank is bent on getting a pet. Trouble is he doesn’t have the resources to procure and care for one. A mastermind at evasion, this crawling crook takes matters into his own hands. A humorous tale with a twist ending.
(Ages 4-6)
By: Bob Shea
Cat and Pony are the best of pals, but Cat is convinced ballet is the best (and only) activity for their playdate, while Pony wants to try something new. Will two friends reach a compromise and remain friends? An excellent book (and series) for newly independent readers.
(Ages 3-6)
By: Nadine Brun-Cosme
A young boy and his father are on the way to school when the old green car starts to sputter. The car starts again and they make it to their destination. However, the little boy wonders how his dad will get him in the afternoon if the car won't start. With imaginative certitude, the father proceeds to tell his little boy all the ways he will fly, sail, hop, be carried, and eventually/always get to him.
(Ages 3-6)
By: Laura Leuk
Wouldn’t it be nice to be a crocodile for a day? Or perhaps a chimpanzee, a turtle, or whale? Imagination runs wild in this ode to taking on different persona, if only for a day.
(Ages 3-5)
By: Sally Lloyd-Jones
Meet three eager children, a dilapidated fountain restored to its former glory, and an oasis for goldfish to swim freely. Don’t miss this delightful tale, perfect for summer reading and bursting with childhood zeal.
(Ages 4-6)
By: David Merveille
Mr. Hulot is up to his unparalleled antics in this nearly wordless comic-book style celebration of the unexpected. Told with classic francophile appeal, this lesser-known book is worth seeking out.
(Ages 4-6)
By: Tom Percival
On a garden adventure Ruby encounters a yellow scribbly worry, and soon it’s all she thinks about. Afraid to share her worry, she keeps it secret—a hidden burden. When she discovers a young boy with a worry of his own, Ruby decides to open up about her worry. An exceptional read to discuss emotions with young children.
(Ages 4-8)
By: Oliver Jeffers
A young girl discovers that learning what the world holds for her is part of the process of recovering from loss. A poignant tale for children of all ages and one that reminds us why Oliver Jeffers is such a master at children’s books.
(Ages 4+)
By: Ame Dychman
When the Bunny family adopts a baby Wolf into the family, Dot seems to be the only one to notice (and broadcast) the impending peril of having a predator in the house. Warm and witty, this book is for anyone that has (or will) experience adjusting to a new baby in the house.
(Ages 4-6)


By: Rachel Williams
Nonfiction lovers will pour over this collection of expertly rendered countries from around the world, complete with a seek-and-find element and insider tips for your next vacation.
(Ages 6-10)
By: Wee Society
A portable fill-in-the-blank book that allows kids to observe new surroundings with focused prompts. Plus it comes with stickers, badges, and is available in three colors. A must-have for any adventurer.
(Ages 6-10)
By: Sylvie Baussier
For the magical age when all children become obsessed with mythology. Discover allies and enemies, famed fables, and family trees all in this richly illustrated compilation. One of the best books in a series we can’t recommend enough.
(Ages 6-10)
Thank you for reading!
-Miranda Rosbach

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  • Erin Campbell

    Ahhhhh!!! Love this list but you forgot ABCs of the ‘80s.
    Best yellow cover ever. It’s NEON!

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