Hello! I am Emily from Making with Mommy and I am so excited to share a fun craft that you and your littles can do together this holiday season! If you are anything like me, you’ve got a whole bunch of cardboard boxes hanging out in a closet somewhere (thank you, Christmas) so I wanted to share a fun way to recycle them into something amazing! My crafting buddy, O, and I used a box to make this festive and fun collaged Santa mask! Read below to see how we put this together!

Materials Needed:
 1 large piece of cardboard
X-acto knife (or scissors capable of cutting cardboard)
Red and white paint
Cotton balls
1 clothespin
Paint brushes
Hot glue gun
Pipe cleaners
Red and white decorations (we used some pom poms, ribbon, paper straws, buttons and beads!)

How To:
 Step 1: Draw the outline of you mask on your cardboard with a Sharpie (or pencil). I made an inverted triangle shape for the beard, and then drew a hat. Also draw a rectangle where the eyes and nose would be - this is the part of the mask you will cut out to look through.
 Step 2: Cut out your mask! It is ok if you do not stay completely true to your lines - you can turn it over and decorate the back side!
Step 3: Paint your mask! I gave O red and white paint for this, one color at a time. I helped him to identify which part was the beard and which part was the hat, but then let him get to work painting on his own. I provided him with brushes and we also created a DIY stamper using a cotton ball and clothespin. To do this, pinch one side of the cotton ball in the clothespin. Hold the clothespin as you dip the cotton into your paint and then onto your mask! Don’t worry if you kids don’t completely cover the mask with paint - they will be adding collage items later! Let them engage in the work themselves. Kids learn so much, and can really surprise us, when we let them do the hard work on their own!
Step 4: After your paint has dried, plug in your hot glue gun to warm it up. With your kids, search throughout your house to find red and white items you can glue onto your mask for the collage portion of the project. This step is a really great chance to help your kids practice creative thinking! It’s fine if you don’t have a super-stocked craft cabinet, you surely have red and white odds and ends you can use! Q-tips? Sure! A red food wrapper? Absolutely! The beauty of mixed media collage is that ANYTHING goes!
Step 5 (Optional): One of our favorite parts of our mask were the newspaper curls we made as a component of Santa’s beard! Again, anything goes here, so you can choose to add these or not - up to your little artist! To create these curls, we cut strips of newspaper and wrapped them tightly around a pencil. Unwrap gently and they have a fun little curl at the bottom! Glue the flat end onto your mask and the curly end can bounce around as Santa goes about his jolly business!
Step 6: Working with your kiddo to glue red and white items onto your mask. For younger kids, who cannot handle a glue gun safely (like mine) you can have them choose an item and then point to where they would like to place it. Mom squirts the glue and helps them press the object onto it. Older kids can take part in the gluing themselves! Cover as much or as little of the mask as your kids want - again, this is process art, so let them take the lead and show you how creative they can be! If you want to add a color-sorting challenge, mix all of your red and white items together in one bowl and have your kids sort them as they work.
Step 7: The finishing touch for our Santa was the pair of glasses we glued across the face opening. My husband and I are both glasses-wearers and O ALWAYS asks for glasses. This was for sure his favorite part! I bent the glasses shapes from a couple of pipe cleaners and then we glued them across the face opening.
The best part of this craft? When you’re done you can PLAY with it!
I hope you and your littles can take some time to enjoy the process of making together this holiday season! If you’re into process arts and crafts, come visit us on Instagram @makingwithmommy!

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This is so cute! Salt dough ornaments would be really cool to see on here too.

Renee Ashley

So cute! We’re going to make this tomorrow! I would be interested in seeing DIY projects that could be used as gifts or keepsakes for grandparents.


How cute! My kiddos love to dress up so keep on sending diy dress ups this way!


My kids would love this! I’d like to see some diy ornament ideas

Carol C

I would love to have a family project each year with Christmas ornaments. I think it would be cool for each family member to make an ornament to remember an event from the year. Then, after a few years, you could look back on memorable moments.

Christina Doby

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