Hello, everyone! We are really excited to be back at June and January to share a Valentine’s Day craft with you. I really appreciate all of the feedback you left us on the Christmas craft - it is so helpful to know what kinds of ideas you would like to see! Based on your suggestions, we have incorporated toilet paper tubes and handprints into these Valentine’s Day Love Birds. I made these with my son, O, last weekend and he had a blast!

Materials Needed:

Toilet paper or paper towel tubes

Acrylic paint

Washable paint

Construction paper

Craft foam


Googly eyes and/or hole reinforcer stickers

Pipe cleaners

Other stickers, gems, and decorative flair!

Hot glue gun

How To:

Step 1: Cut your toilet paper or paper towel tubes to the desired length. We used full-length toilet paper tubes. Paint each tube with acrylic paint (this kind of paint paint will give you the best coverage and brightest colors!). We went for Poppy, Violet and Blush paint, which are coincidentally some of our FAVORITE J&J colors!

Step 2: Using washable paint, help your kids stamp some handprints onto construction paper. We used white paint on red, pink and purple paper to match the colors we painted our tubes. You will need one left handprint and one right handprint for each bird you are making.

Step 3: Once your tubes and handprints have dried, cut the handprints out. You can leave a little border of paper around the edges of your handprints. Now you’re ready to assemble your birds!

Step 4: Give your bird some eyes! You can either use your glue gun to glue googly eyes onto your bird, or use hole reinforcer stickers to create eyes. O found some sparkly gold stars that he used to give two of his birds “glasses”.

Step 5: Give your bird a beak! To create our beaks, we cut triangle shapes out of yellow craft foam and then glued them onto the toilet roll tubes.

Step 6: Make your bird some feet! I created our feet by bending a pipe cleaner into a little three-toed foot. I glued the long end of each pipe cleaner onto the inside of the toilet roll tube so that the little feet stuck out the bottom.

Step 7: Give your bird some wings! The handprints you created earlier are going to be the wings for your Love Birds! Use your glue gun to glue them onto the sides of your toilet roll tube.

Step 8: Give your bird some FLAIR! Our final touches of flair for our birds were the feathers at the top and some stickers and gems that we stuck onto the front. Let your kids add whatever they like to their bird to make it their own!

Our little Love Birds are currently sitting pretty on the mantle in the living room, but we’ve got big plans to give these away as gifts for Valentine’s Day! I hope you get the chance to make one with your littles, too!

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Oh cute! I LOVE that you incorporated handprints in the wings! ❤️

Jennifer Hill

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