Making With Mommy Halloween Edition Featuring Emily Limer

Making With Mommy Halloween Edition Featuring Emily Limer

A Very J&J Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite season of the year! Growing up, I loved making (and wearing) DIY costumes with my mom each year. There’s something so magical about a cardboard box at Halloween time - it can be anything! I am so excited to have worked with June and January to create some fun DIY costumes that you can make at home to wear with your favorite J&J outfits. The costumes come in pairs, so they’re perfect for sibling or best friend costumes (but can also be worn solo!). I’ll let you know which J&J colors will work best with each outfit so that you can work with your existing J&J stash (or, you know, have a good excuse to buy something new!).

Funky Fruits!

These DIY strawberry and pineapple costumes are all about the head pieces! You can pair them with your favorite Poppy, Marigold and/or Lemon pieces for a simple and fun Halloween look.


To make the pineapple: Cut a circle of cardboard slightly larger than your child’s head. Glue some fiber fill (sewing stuffing) onto the top of the circle with a hot glue gun. Wrap a piece of yellow felt around the circle, gluing the felt around the base of the circle. Grab a bunch of green pipe cleaners and wrap them together around the bottom. Bend the bottoms out slightly and use hot glue to glue them to the top of the pineapple hat. Cut short pieces of black pipe cleaners, bend them into a “V” shape and glue them around the top. To finish, glue some ribbon pieces or a headband to the bottom of the hat to secure it to your child’s head!

To make the strawberry: Cut a piece of cardboard to look like a strawberry top. Paint it green and glue it to a headband. Use black dot stickers to create the strawberry seeds on a Poppy shirt or dress!

Mouse and Cheese

This classic animal and food costume pairing never gets old! Your kiddos will look so cute in their Marigold and Slate gray with these simple recycled accompaniments! 

To make the mouse: To make the ears, cut ear shapes from cardboard and paint them gray. Glue a small circle of pink felt to the center of each ear. Glue the ears onto a headband. To make the tail, roll a long piece of bubble wrap into a tube shape and use hot glue to glue it in place. Paint it with pink acrylic paint. Secure it to the back of your child’s pants with a safety pin or clip!

To make the cheese: Cut three identical rectangles from cardboard (each should be about twice as wide as your child). Trace some circles onto the boards and cut them out using a box cutter. Paint your boards yellow. I added some texture by sponging some light orange paint over top of the yellow! To attach the boards to each other, punch holes along each edge using a single hole punch. Use yellow yarn to sew the board together into a triangle (your child will sit inside!). Use yarn to create two shoulder straps at the top of the cheese so that your child can wear it. 

Knight and Princess

Create a modern knight and princess costume using J&J staples, cardboard and yarn! The knight costume would go well with so many colors: Onyx, Poppy, Cobalt, Emerald or Slate! The princess costume could be any color you like! We like Rose, Bubblegum and Violet!

To make the princess wig: Cut about 50 long pieces of yarn in the hair color of your choice. Each piece should be around 60” long (you can trim it down if it is too long once your are finished! Line up all of your yarn pieces and tie them together at one end with a short piece of yarn. Divide them into thirds and braid all the way down the length. Use another piece of yarn to tie off the end. Wrap the end with a colored pipe cleaner. Take the top piece and curve it around to make a loop the size of your child’s head. Use a short piece of yarn to tie the ends of the circle in place (you can also help secure it with hot glue!). Cut a small crown from a piece of cardboard and paint it. Use hot glue to glue your crown onto the front of your wig! Pair it with your favorite J&J dress and tights!

To make the knight costume: Cut the shapes for the sword, shield and mask from cardboard. Use paint or paint sticks to paint the sword and shield in the colors of your choice. Paint your mask black or silver. Glue the end of a pipe cleaner to the back of the shield to make a handle. Cut two pieces of ribbon (about 12” each) and glue them to either side of the mask. Use the ribbon to tie on the mask!

Emily Limer is a mom of 2 and DIY lover! You can follow her on Instagram @makingwithmommy to see more craft and play ideas!

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