Mama's Day Out

Mama's Day Out

Hi friends!

For Mothers Day we decided to celebrate our favorite mamas, YOU! If I were forced to pick a favorite event that we have hosted, this would have to be it. It was full of margaritas, meditation, treats, and included all the best people. I don't know if I've hammered this in enough, but if you are in or near Austin and can make our events, it needs to be a priority to get there! Trust me! 

We were able to host this event at The Riveter and it was such a great space! Day to day this is a coworking space in downtown Austin, but you never would have known that! It is so beautifully designed that it turned into a mama haven in no time at all.

We started the event with a sound bath/meditation with Taylor and let me tell you, it was amazing! I've never actually experienced a meditation class and I have been missing out big time! If you came in to this event stressed, it all went out the door the moment Taylor started talking. Pure bliss. 

CBD is something I've been dying to try, but didn't want to spend the money on just yet. There can be so many CBD brands out there that it can feel overwhelming. The moment I walked up to Fine Healing Goods table I knew I was purchasing. These products not only work but they are also incredibly beautiful. I left with a bottle and have slept like a baby ever since. Im hooked! 

 Who wouldn't want to get their hair braided while holding a margarita in one hand and a baby in the other!? I watched mama after mama walk up and say something like, "I'm so sorry, my hair is a mess!" and 10 minutes later they got out of the chair in pure amazement over what Cassidy was able to do. She is a hair genius.

I have to be honest, when I see a margarita in a bottle I look the other way. Living in Austin, I have very high standards for what a margarita should be. Very high. When Austin Cocktails showed up I was a little hesitant. The moment their bottled margarita hit my mouth I was done for. No more are the days of buying a million items to make the perfect marg at home. Because, these are the PERFECT marg. I didn't see an empty hand or a leftover drop at the event and that is proof enough. 

Face mist station. Need I say more? Sentrel Natural Beauty made our face mist dreams come true when we were able to concoct our own personal formula. I have used my mist every single day since the event and I swear, my face feels like a new woman. 

 I will be dreaming about those Churro Brownies from Taco Ranch until the end of time. They are basically what would happen if a snickerdoodle cookie and a churro had a baby. And don't get me started on the chips and salsa. I don't think there is a combo that makes me happier in life than a margarita and chips and salsa. And this combo was so dang good. My family will be making a trip to Taco Ranch very soon. 

Just in case you didn't know, we have the BEST swag bags at our events. If you are curious about the amazing brands that spoil our mamas, look at this post here!

This was such a beautiful celebration and the ultimate day off for the best mamas. We were honored to donate 100% of proceeds to St. Louise House. I hope you've enjoyed following along and I also hope I convinced you to come hang out with me at the next event!

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I had so much fun the Mama’s Event and cannot wait until the next one. You guys do such a great job at throwing a good party! :)


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