Last night we hosted our MAMA'S [Favorite Things] Night Out and it was such a great night! I thought you might want to know how to throw your very own because trust me, White Elephant parties don't stand a change against Favorite Things parties.

[1] The first thing required for a Favorite Things party is good snacks, good drinks, and good friends! No boys or kids allowed!

[2] Next: bring two of your favorite things. I set the budget at $15 for each item, so $30 total. You can set the budget as high or as low as you want. Some of the popular items were face masks, mascara, coffee mugs, nail polish, & gift cards. 

[3]  Draw one number and go around twice. We allowed for the gifts to be stolen twice. Its locked in once it reaches the third set of hands. Some rules online say that you can't get your own gift, but that happened last night and no one really cared. You can be as rule following or breaking as you want.

[4] Go home with two of someone else's favorite things! I ended up with a mascara and a makeup pallet and I couldn't be happier! 

I have never been to a Favorite Things party before this one and honestly, I will now host one or make sure to go to one every single year. It was such a great night! Now its your turn! If you had a Favorite Things party, what would you bring?



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