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Meet the Team: SASHA PADILLA!

Hi all! My name is Sasha Padilla and I've been with the company for a year now and have been a customer and fan for over 5 years. As a Customer Experience Manager I work a lot in our Facebook Group J&J Perks. Our group is awesome and we have a fun and great community of parents! We share exclusive discounts and have shared some new and exciting things we have in the works. I love getting to know our members and their families! I work with our Instagram and adore seeing all of the awesome photos and communicating with our IG community. I also work with our Costumer Service Team and enjoy assisting our wonderful customers however I can. One of my favorite parts of this job is meeting so many incredible families!  I first found J&J during the Etsy days, in May 2013. I bought two blankets for my son, Seafoam Chevron and Gray Ikat Braid, and instantly fell in love! Eli was about 5 months old when we found and fell in love with the brand and this December he'll be 6!
My husband, Courtney, and I have since added two girls (Ila Mae and Liv) to our bunch and each of the kids love J&J for the comfort and style. Our favorite pieces are The Hoodie Jumper, Basic Pants/Shorts, Pocket Tees, and Swing Dresses (and Twirls, give my girls a good Twirl and they're in heaven!). Our favorite colors are Cobalt, Raspberry, Teal, Grapefruit, and Marigold. 
Besides J&J, I love the Dodgers/baseball, rewatching The Office series as many times as I can, and all things Fall!


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