Meet The Team: Ashley Kriegel

Meet The Team: Ashley Kriegel

Hey friends! 

My name is Ashley Kriegel and I mainly work here on the blog! I am always creating new content just for y’all. “Ashley’s Style Corner” is one of my absolute favorite things that I get to do. A little bit about me: I am from small town Oklahoma, met my husband Tim while working at a summer camp in Missouri, and now live in Austin, Texas. We have two kiddos, Millie and Moses. Millie is our biological daughter and will be six next month and Moses is adopted and is two and a half! We have an amazing open adoption with Mo’s birthmom, Nicole. We are living in our forever home that we renovated three years ago. I'm just so proud of this life of ours and wouldn't change a thing about it!

I started following June & January back in 2013 when Millie was just born. On Black Friday of that year I placed my first order. It was a pack of headbands that I still have and use!  

My favorite J&J item would have to be our J&J Grown Up Maxi! I could sleep in it. It is my most grabbed item of clothing that I own!

When I’m not working you will find me planning our next vacation, decorating our house, shopping for curvy mama clothes, and my favorite is when I’m hanging out with y’all on my stories! 

Things I’m obsessed with at the moment  

  1. New York City! If I had it my way, we would live there for a short period. I just love the city so dang much. 
  2. Schoolhouse Electric! We were able to visit the storefront in Pittsburgh and it was such a dream! 
  3. Makeup! Any and all makeup. seriously. I could sit and do my makeup for hours. It calms me down on even the most stressful day. My Fenty lipgloss is my absolute favorite makeup item of the moment. 



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