Hi J&J friends!

So excited to get to know y'all! 
I'm a wife to Chris, mom to Millie 2.5 and we have pup, Solomon (King Solomon to you) I've been a follower of this brand for years! I found June & January in a very random way. With my daughter, I was placed on bedrest at 22 weeks . With a lot(!!!) of free time, I decided to join the Freshly Picked Facebook group to keep myself entertained and on the side bar there was a group called J&J BFF's. In the FP group they'd share sale stuff, exclusive releases and giveaways. I figured other groups would be similar so I went down the list and joined J&J and a few others. The crazy thing is... out of all the groups, J&J stood out. I don't know if it was the bright aesthetics or the community but I found myself endlessly scrolling day and night. After months of being a bystander, I took the plunge and ordered during our AMAZING Black Friday Sale. I ordered ballet tops, headbands, and tights. I couldn't WAIT for my items to come, and when they did I threw everything on my babe at once. It was love at first try-on. Fast forward to the end of 2018 and lots of orders later, and I'm now a Marketing Strategist at J&J! I use my industry skills to help streamline our marketing strategies, expand our consumer reach, and make sure we're staying ahead of the latest and greatest digital/sales trends. I love working behind the scenes on this brand and the team is phenomenal. It's the best creative outlet for me and honestly hardly feels like "work." 
When I'm not working on J&J I work as a Content Strategist for an incredible agency in town, with some creative and  insanely clever people who inspire me each and everyday. I spend my weekends laughing at Millie's wit, watching our favorite shows with my hubby, and dreaming up ways to make my home minimal and cozy and chic.(The Home Edit, anyone??) When I have time, I'm reading all the books and listening to all the podcasts! I also really enjoy writing. I WILL write a book one day (#manifest)
Rapid Fire Q's
Something you are currently obsessed with outside of J&J:
1. Jeni's ice cream
2. Brunchin'  with my best friends
3. Good Girls & This is Us
Your favorite J&J piece:
it's a tie...tank jumpers, varsities and ballet tops! 
Favorite J&J colors:
Grapefruit, Onyx, Rose & Mint.
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