Neutral Baby Essentials Guide

Neutral Baby Essentials Guide

1. Bla Bla Kids Rainbow Mobile // Not only is this the dreamiest baby mobile, it makes the perfect wall hanging! Perfect to be used in a playroom or bedroom. 

2. The Side Snap Body Suit // This perfectly soft baby basic comes in a bunch of colors and has been a fave for years! 

3. The Baby Bootie // Soft, Stretchy and they don't fall off! 

4. Bla Bla Kids Dreamer Monster // A sweet sleepy monster they will love for years! 

5. Pretty Please Sunshine Teether // Sweet and practical! Teether is a perfect size and shape for little hands to grasp, all while massaging their gum.

6. Olli Ella Rattan Mushroom Basket // A magical home for forest dwelling creatures, little animals, fairies, gnomes – and so much more. (While we cannot offer this item on our website, send us an email to shop this from our shop!) 

7. Wiley Baby Body Bubble // The most heavenly juniper berry and grapefruit scent. Even grown-ups will enjoy using this! 

8. Pretty Please Rainbow Pacifier Clip // An essential in a neutral rainbow color scheme! 

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