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Potty Training

One of our amazing customers, Kim aka Clair.and.Kate, showed off one of her handmade charts for helping with Potty Training. We loved it so much we asked her to share. If you're thinking of biting the bullet to Potty Train your littles download the free printable HERE and check out Kim's tips below! 

  Hi there! Kim here.

I will say - J&J clothes are so awesome for potty training.  Varsity shorts, Basic Shorts and Pants are so easy for the kids to pull up and down on their own making them perfect for newly potty trained kids!


Divide pathway into desired number of spaces, it can be as few or as many as you feel your child needs to get the hang of potty training.  

Fill in some/all (depending on your child's individual needs) spaces with rewards - ex. a couple of m&m's, blind bags, something from the ice cream man, their fav activity, a small toy, all the way up to bigger things for their final reward (if desired)- a new barbie, a lego set, a trip to the zoo, dinner at their favorite restaurant etc.  Just make it personal for your kid - you know what motivates them and what rewards they'll respond to best.

Let your child color and decorate around the path.  Get them excited about using the chart by allowing them to personalize it!

Now it's time to potty! Let your child put a sticker on the chart every time they successfully go on the potty.  You can do one sticker for every time, or change it up and have different sticker amounts for poop and pee (ex. 1 sticker for pee and 2 for poop)


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  • Lindy

    So cool! Love this idea and love your photos Kim!

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