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Blog — "Amy Parker Anderson" Posts

Adventures in Brooklyn with Parker, Etc.

After three years of surviving life on the island, I packed up and moved over the bridge to Brooklyn once we got hitched in 2010. Now, we’ve been nestled in the little neighborhood of Prospect Heights ever since and can’t rave enough about how it really does have everything to offer!  For starters, we are within blocks of the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park. Then you’ve got all the best new restaurants popping up every week on Vanderbilt and a growing community of families, creatives and entrepreneurs that really want to invest...

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Baby I Love Your Way

    Here’s a question: where does the time go? No, really. Where? I have no idea how it was nearly a year ago that I was gearing up to have a baby. That was either so long ago, given the warzone like ordeal the first year of a babies life can be on a parent, or it was like only yesterday, in the sense that babies also force you to lose grasp on reality so my mom brain no longer understands time.     But here we are, inching closer with every week to the year marker. We’ve still...

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Apps For Kids of All Ages

    I try to keep Eli’s screen time to a minimum, but there’s a time and a place for everything -- and usually at 11AM brunch when he’s half-way between starved to death and needing a nap, is when the apps usually make themselves useful.   We definitely try to make sure that any TV shows or games he’s exposed to are educational, and these are a few that he’s a big fan of! Shapes Toddler Preschool -- This is a pretty simply design app that packs a lot of punch. It covers everything from the alphabet, to shapes and...

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Friday in iPhone Photos: Spring in Brooklyn

Spring has sprung! Well, it has practically everywhere but Brooklyn, where as I write this, there is snow in the predicted forecast for this evening. I’ll gladly accept all of your sympathy…… especially if you live in a place that is experiencing sunshine all around today.  As the temperatures rise here (if they ever do) people start to slowly come out of hibernation and the city starts to really come to life again. A new season means a new chapter, and we love new chapters in New York. There’s a never ending list of things to do here….. once the...

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Seeing Green: A St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

Oh, green. The color of dollar bills, emeralds and guacamole. All very important things! In case you forgot to wear your green today - consider these a perfect substitute. 1 // This dress is pure magic. If I could fit in it, I would. 2 // A whale of a mobile. Ha! 3 // Wooden toy trucks to haul away all your stolen leprechaun gold. 4 // This high chair will literally last you the rest of your life. 5 // The everything and all-in-one blanket for playtime, naptime and snuggle time. 6 // If the words ‘ugly’ and ‘adorable’...

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