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Blog — "Amy Parker Anderson" Posts

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

A mom must always be prepared for anything, so your diaper bag needs to be fully equipped with the essentials for you, the baby and the elements! ESSENTIALS INCLUDE :: Skip Hop Changer : Portable changing table that can be thrown in your diaper bag or around your wrist for easy use while you’re out and about. Diapers: We are Honest Company loyal. So I always have these fun printed ones stuffed into the Skip Hop. Wipes: Can be used for diaper changes, food spills or when the baby drops her toy on the streets of Brooklyn and it needs...

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OOTD: Everything Is Cuter When It’s Miniature

  Given my general personality, you would think dressing my baby was my favorite thing from the get-go. Not true. She was born right before the great heatwave of 2013 that hit NYC and if you live here or visited during that time, it was like the Sahara desert. Add in diaper changes every hour, and really, I had no desire to keep changing her outfits after all the spit up and blowout shows that were happening.  Let’s just clear the air and say that my child lived in a diaper, a swaddle or a white onesie for at least...

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Baby Apparel: Essentials For This Never-Ending Winter

1: A good pair of terry cloth sweat pants to lounge in. Similar to what we adults wear post Thanksgiving dinner, but for tiny people legs. 2: Chic graphic sweaters aren’t just for the adults this season. Babies have emotions to express too. 3: Sweaters, like this one from Bon Bon, are only extra adorable on babies and grandmas! 4: My favorite hat in all the land.Gotta keep those ears warm.  5: Wrap up and cuddle up in this dreamy blanket. 6: These plush and durable booties are made for walking. And the knitted sweater print is perfect for the winter...

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Friday in iPhone Photos: ‘Moments I Love’

I know it can seem funny to have just one random day a year designated to show your love for those important people in your life, but sometimes you just need a reminder to stop and be thankful for all that you have. Take the day to be grateful for those you love and for the moments you love! So whatever your stance is on the holiday, at least be sure to take advantage of this time to say ‘I Love You’ to just about anyone who will listen and eat some of those nostalgic candy hearts. I wait all...

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