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Lets make this a good #TBTuesday 😉 with the cutest throwback costumes brought to you by our amazing contributors! 
Beetle Juice: the scamming ghostly con-man!
Featuring @anniebee27
Rainbow Brite: the most colorful girl in the world!  
Featuring @bailey0603
Bam Bam & Pebbles: the modern stone age kids! 
Featuring @sawy3rasht0n
We Can Do it! Featuring Rosie the Riveter: one of the most iconic images for working women! 

Featuring @kateinlove 
We would love to see your J&J incorporated costumes. Use the hashtag #JJHALLOWEEN18 on Instagram for a chance to win J&J for a YEAR!
Do you want more Halloween Inspiration? Follow these hashtags: #JJHALLOWEEN18, #JJHALLOWEEN17 & #JJHALLOWEEN16 


  • Jessica Scott

    Rugrats! Tommy pickles in a cobalt ballet top with a diaper bottom, EASY!

  • Karri Crossman

    50s girl with poodle skirt and cardi!

  • Stephanie Wingfield

    These are all amazing. I’d love to make a Judy Jetson costume. Throw a little poppy ballet top and bubblegum twirl skirt and tights. Done!

  • Melinda Casas

    Velma from Scooby Doo! Long sleeve ballet top in marigold, twirl skirt in poppy, knee highs in marigold! You can pretty much do any Scooby Doo characters!

  • Jayme Hunter

    MC Hammer of Vanilla Ice! Crop tops and joggers and a cardigan!

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