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Hi, friends! Ashley, again. For this post I wanted to do something a little different. As I was shopping for PLUM I realized that most of us mamas don't have time to shop at a million different places for one look, let alone three! I was on my fifth Target trip of the week with Moses and I decided to buy all the things. I mean, isn't that what everyone does at Target? So, for these three looks you can find every single thing at Target! Right now! Insert happy dance here.  Sunglasses // Coffee Mug // Weekender // Shoes...

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Valentine's Day Printable

Hi all! These DIY Valentines Printable's are super simple to create and just in time for the sale on our crew socks, knee highs, and the amazing rainbow and ice cream patches! Below you will find the directions and the link to the printable.  Things you will need: Card-stock paper Scissors  Washi Tape  J&J Crew Socks or Knee Highs (see below for a discount code!) J&J Patches (see below for a discount code!) To make the cards you will simply download, print, cut out, and put together! You will want to make sure to tape the patches to the cards....

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Valentine's Day Collection Details!

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Hey!! I’m Amanda and I am a Customer Service Specialist with June & January! I live in the SF Bay Area with my husband and 3 girls: Lily (11), London (8), and Sage (5) and our fur baby, Daisy! I love traveling, all things Mid-Century Modern, fitness and my current obsession is setting (late) intentions for 2019!  I first stumbled upon J&J (Little Hip Squeaks back then!) in 2014 when a friend tagged me in their Instagram posts! My first purchase was a Charcoal Tally Swing Dress and a headband bundle for my youngest daughter. I’ve made many purchases since...

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Last night we hosted our MAMA'S [Favorite Things] Night Out and it was such a great night! I thought you might want to know how to throw your very own because trust me, White Elephant parties don't stand a change against Favorite Things parties. [1] The first thing required for a Favorite Things party is good snacks, good drinks, and good friends! No boys or kids allowed! [2] Next: bring two of your favorite things. I set the budget at $15 for each item, so $30 total. You can set the budget as high or as low as you want....

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