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 Is anyone else an over planner? Or is that just me? Before going on this trip, I OBSESSED over what to buy, what to do, how to sleep, what to wear. Anything that had to do remotely with international traveling was running through my head. Little did I know, I would get stuck in the airport and have to rely on everything I had for 48 hours. 48 long hours. Let me teach you all of my ways.  Let's start out with what to wear! This was the least amount of thinking that needed to be done. The ONYX MAXI...

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Who else is obsessing over the ONYX SWING!? It is so much perfection, I just can't even take it. For this Style Corner I had some stipulations. 1- I needed every accessory to come from Amazon. 2- I needed my outfit to withstand a lot of walking. 3- I needed my outfit to be cool in hot temps. Traveling in the summer and dressing cute can be tricky. I know the struggle of waiting until the last minute to pack, and needing to Prime those last minute items. I also know the struggle of searching for hours on Amazon and...

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Hey Y’all!  A little about me...I was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. Go Hogs!! I’ve been married to my best friend, Danial for 10 years this August. We have a tiny girl gang of four: Quinlyn (4), fraternal twin girls: Maryn and Lillian (2), and our latest addition as of April, Imogen.   What I’m reading: Anything by Gillian Flynn or Liane Moriarty.  What I’m watching: Grey’s Anatomy, Handmaid’s Tale, and Shameless are all on frequent rotation. My most recent binge was Big Little Lies (SO GOOD).  Hobbies: Napping (with four kiddos, four and under sleep is hard to come...

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Book Round-up Summer Edition with Book Bloom

Summer is my best season (and not just because I’m a summer baby).  Longer days and an abundance of sunshine fill me up through the 12ish weeks that seem to never last long enough. Fireflies and ice cream runs, camping trips and pool outings galore. Summer is good things to eat, road trips and reunions, and life on full tilt.   If you’re a parent (or educator), you know that the summer slide (where kids can and often do slip in their academic achievements) is real. One way to boost learning and ensure school readiness each fall (no matter what...

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Travel Guide: Austin With Kids

Hey all!  Since J&J is headquartered in beautiful Austin Texas I thought I would give you a Travel Guide! Austin with kids is the best, but sometimes it can feel like all of the coolest places are only for partying or going out to nice dinners. When you can get back here without kids, do all of those things! But when the kiddos are in tow, just do as I say!  Downtown Farmers Market: We have been bringing the kids to the famers market since Millie was a few weeks old. It is the perfect place to browse all the...

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