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OOTD: Everything Is Cuter When It’s Miniature

  Given my general personality, you would think dressing my baby was my favorite thing from the get-go. Not true. She was born right before the great heatwave of 2013 that hit NYC and if you live here or visited during that time, it was like the Sahara desert. Add in diaper changes every hour, and really, I had no desire to keep changing her outfits after all the spit up and blowout shows that were happening.  Let’s just clear the air and say that my child lived in a diaper, a swaddle or a white onesie for at least...

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Handmade Newborn Essentials Roundup

Whether you are shopping for that one-of-a-kind baby shower gift, adding special goodies to your baby registry or gushing over all things baby, then this is the list for you.  We created a little round-up of our Top 5 Handmade Newborn Essentials for all you baby-crazies out there.  We wanted to keep this list small and stick to some simple basics that are must-haves in any newborn world.  A little added special touch is that each item is handmade and made for love just for your little nugget - could there be anything sweeter?   1. Misha & Puff Handmade...

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I love cold weather, and having spent most of my childhood in the northeast, I’m a tried + true snow bunny. I still get excited over the fluffy white stuff, and sharing it with my children has made it all the more special. However, here in Pennsylvania (and much of the east coast), it’s starting to feel like eternal winter. The polar vortex has a steady grip on us, and we’ve been forced to get creative with our days lately, spending many of them inside. Cumalitive snow days, power outages, and twin toddlers makes for a real challenge. Fellow mamas,...

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Currently Coveting: Black + Gold Edition

Hello all! In curating this roundup, I quickly began to see a theme in what I am currently coveting. I’m forever obsessed with all things gold, and combined with black it makes a killer combo, don’t you think? Bring on the shine...and for extra fun, listen to this while reading! 1… infuse your workplace with style + shine with this USB drive. 2… these gold leaf edged agate coasters are both chic + practical! 3… this wool pocket cardigan needs to be in my littles 4… a gold monogram door knocker? yes please (especially since we have no doorbell)....

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Meet Baby Soren!

I’ve officially and lovingly been able to play my new role as “mom” for three weeks now. The whole adventure from going through pregnancy, experiencing labor, childbirth and learning how to care for a newborn have been incredible, both in beautiful ways and in extremely challenging ways. — In 2013 my husband and I knew we wanted to start a family so when we found out we were pregnant in May we could hardly wait to meet our little man. Soren was due on February 3rd, 2014 but decided to make a dramatic entrance into the world by arriving 6...

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