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Spinach Silver-Dollars Pancakes // A St Patricks Day Recipe

As much as I love Pinterest, nothing makes me feel like a crappy, uncreative mother, than Pinterest. With a world of fun crafts, recipes and projects to do with your kids, that come out flawless -- it’s hard to wrap your head around all of it. I’d seen tons of fun St Patty’s Day green pancakes floating around the internet, I knew it would be a really fun project to do together, because Eli loves cooking activities -- but I also know he doesn’t quite have the attention span (or dexterity) to measure out a long list of ingredients. I...

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Kid Food.

Today is the first sunny, warm and lovely day that we've had in what feels like months -- husband and I took turns playing with Eli on our porch, while the other went for a run. E wore himself out pretending his bike was a motorcycle, and that his wiffle bat was a 'Very Important Tool", and eventually decided he needed a Banana Boat to gain back some energy.     The Banana Boat has been a long-time favorite food of E's, a simple recipe of a banana cut in half, then halved again, smothered in either fresh ground almond...

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Mom's Time Out

Ok, I realize that Friday is probably EVERYONE’S favorite day of the week, but it’s even more of a favorite for me. Let me tell you why… I don’t work on Fridays. Well, not that much anyway. Fridays are my day with Eli, meaning my husband usually wakes up with Eli at the crack of dawn (even if it’s not his turn) and I get to sleep in a bit-- because husband knows I’ll be blowing noses, making car sounds with my mouth, and clapping for potty time the rest of the day. Eli and I sometimes spend our day...

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5 Ways to Approach Healthy Family Eating

Hello Little Hip Squeaks readers, thank you for having me! Amy asked me to write some advice and helpful tips for getting kids and families eating a bit healthier, and I'm excited to share what I know with you all. I am not a registered dietitian or a medical professional, but I am a mother interested in feeding my family the best food I can, and have become quite a sleuth when it comes to researching anything "health food" related.   I have 3 children, including 1 extremely picky eater. I've managed to get him, for the most part, unhooked off of McDonald's chicken...

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OOTD: Spring is Near!

The last few days in the South have actually felt like spring, yay! So we have been outside doing lots of walking getting ready for the summer that we so desperately want. This summer is going to be so much fun because of Scarlett’s age. After her discovering these flower buds today, I know she is going to be interested in everything we come across! This outfit was perfect for today and this scarf is so soft that Scarlett didn’t actually mind it at all, which is good for me! I love to accessorize her outfits, so we will be...

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