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No Makeup. Don't Care.

Anyone who has ever had the luxury of bunking up with me at a conference, sleeping over at my place for a long weekend, or sharing a bathroom at a family vacation house, knows that I am a seriously low-maintenance woman when it comes to beauty. My hay day for makeup and accessorizing was way back in junior high, when I had dyed blue hair, hot pink glitter eye shadow and faux fur everything (I did a lot of my shopping at Hot Topic). Since those horrifically embarrassing days, I’ve significantly simplified my life, mostly in part to being a...

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Sibling Fun: A Playdate With Sisters

    Finley is finally getting to the age where Rowan and her can play together. It makes my mama heart want to explode watching them giggle and play. Rowan is such a sweet big sister always saying “oh Finley, you are so adorable”. One of their favorite things to do together lately is play dress up. These Opposite of Far animal masks are the perfect addition to our dress up box. So adorable. Finley loves chasing Rowan around trying to grab her tail. Rowan likes to pretend she is the Mommy deer and Finley is her baby. I am...

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Cooking a Meal the Whole Family Will Enjoy

So far 2014 has been the year of cooking for me. I've been breaking out of my comfort zone, trying new things, and overall just having a great time in the kitchen. Last month I tried a delicious recipe from the cookbook Super Natural Every Day- Pan Fried Mung Beans with Tempeh- and the whole family loved it.     I decided to recreate the dish a second time and tweak the things that needed tweaking, and make it perfect. This time around I knew I wanted to use less olive oil throughout, and substitute coconut aminos for soy sauce....

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We're Wild For Pretty Purples

I’m absolutely crazy for all things purple lately. My previous best friend, Mint Green, is super jealous, but I’m sure I’ll return to it someday.   This raspberry color block pillow from Goods by Grinn, is just DARLING! These pretty purple napkins by BHD Decor would be such a great way to add a pop of color in the dining room! Loving the parcel tags in violet by one of my favorite Brooklyn based shops, Knot and Bow -- these would be such perfect little notes on an LHS package! Obsessed (obsessed!) with the Candelles spring line of handpoured soy...

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Circles, Spots & Dots!

If you are looking for a good pop to add to your wall, accessories or wardrobe, this is the list for you!  Everyone has to love a good "spot" print and these are just a few of mine that are trending lately!     one|| Zuzii Oxford Dotti Shoes two|| Wild Frays Toddler Infinity Polka Dot Scarf (free shipping with code: FREEWILDSHIP) three|| Oeuf Circle Garland four|| Bobo Choses Dot Jumpsuit five|| Gingiber Dalmation Illustration six|| Hello Shiso Pom Pom Circle Hairclips   xox Bri Brianna and Brittany from Urban Cub never fall short in finding up and coming brands in children’s apparel...

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