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give it away, give it away, give it away now.

  Laura Berger Totem Print. Put this print in your kids room, and thank me later for my good taste. || Salt Farm Sampler. Put some Tomato Spice Salt on your veggies and actually stick for your 'Eat Better' resolution. || White Nest Geometric Earrings. Two words; Look. Hot. || Jam & Toast 2013 Calendar. I bought this for YOU because with two sergers and a cutting space, I don't have room for my own calendar. Which is why I never know what day it is. || Eastern Trend Coffee Cozy. My lunch for the last 4 weeks has been...

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12 Days of Handmade; The Citizens Collectible & Olula

Every kid needs a handmade doll. That's not opinion, it's THE LAW. I just got my baby-dude one of these sweet little dolls to cuddle with and it looks just like him and kind of makes my heart all melty. We have plans on getting one to look like each of us because no one wants a lonely doll. Bonus handmade shop-- Liliana from Citizens Collectible has a sister, Cristina, whose shop is equally awesome and adorable! If anyone is shopping for me, I'd like the owl pillows and the wooden heart necklace, please and thank you. Maybe a wallet,...

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12 Days of Handmade; Moncadeau

I love pretty and dainty jewelry but can't buy for myself thanks to the grabby hands of my baby-dude. This shop is one of my new favorites. There are so many pretties that are perfect for moms and grandmoms. Look at those adorable stacking initial rings! Someone special on my list can expect to be unwrapping those.

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12 Days of Handmade; Sea And Asters

Every holiday season, we always end up at a few places we honestly forgot we'd be -- and showing up empty handed feels so crummy. This year, I planned ahead and snagged up a few of these gorgeous, inexpensive air plants for the friends we'll be staying with, and for family who'll be hosting a meal during the festivities. You can save 10% with coupon code LITTLEHIP10

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12 Days of Handmade; White Nest

Meg, the owner of White Nest was my neighbor at this years Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. I loaded up on her perfect, simple geometric earrings for my favorite friends! At just $8 a pair, don't feel guilty if you slip a pair into your own stocking.

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