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12 Days of Handmade!

  Every holiday season starts out the same for me. I make the medium-length list of people on my iPhone, and put clever ideas next to their names. Most years, I end up buying half of my stuff on Etsy, the rest via Target, Amazon, or the Apple Store (my husband is so spoiled). I've always tried to buy local or handmade as much as possible but would always end up with my fair share of mass-produced, made-overseas stuff. I'm 90% done with my list (if anyone has any ideas for a 13 year old boy, dear heavens, send them...

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Giveaway Winner and Certificates for Cyber Monday!

First, we want to say congratulations to Kiersten W. who won our giveaway. You go, Glen Coco! We had a lot of fun on our end and loved seeing your pins and tweets, so we may be seeing more giveaway action in the future. We appreciate each and every one of you who participated; we have some of the best customers out there! So, assuming you're not Kiersten, that means you didn't win. Bummer, right? NO! We're giving money away in the shop. Seriously. We have some really great sales happening for the first weekend of the Holiday shopping season....

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Win $150 in Little Hip Squeaks Store Credit!

Do you know how much I love social networking? Spoiler alert: A LOT. I rock Pinterest and I tweet like a boss. I've decided to share my love of the internet with you, loyal customers, by giving you a chance to win a credit for my shop in the amount of $150 USD! Here's how you can win: 1) Pin your favorite item from the shop to Pinterest and make sure to tag it #littlehipsqueaks then leave a comment here with a link to your pin. 2) For a bonus entry, tweet about this giveaway with the #littlehipsqueaks tag, linking...

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Exciting Times for Little Hip Squeaks!

Little Hip Squeaks has some crazy exciting news! This year has been an overwhelming success, at a speed I was not prepared for. What started out as a little project at my kitchen table in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, is now a booming business with orders across the globe, and retailers across the country. I'm so thrilled to announce that Little Hip Squeaks is now a team of four amazing ladies! I've recently hired three sweethearts, Amy, Amy and Marie, all lending a helping hand where it's desperately needed. Amy B., a dear old friend, will be handling all customer...

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LHS in Print!

Hey ya'll! I'm super excited to announce that the Little Hip Squeaks chevron blankets were featured in the July/August issue of Natural Child Magazine! Unfortunately, I found out a bit too late and haven't been able to track a copy down! Blerg!

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