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Exciting Times for Little Hip Squeaks!

Little Hip Squeaks has some crazy exciting news! This year has been an overwhelming success, at a speed I was not prepared for. What started out as a little project at my kitchen table in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, is now a booming business with orders across the globe, and retailers across the country. I'm so thrilled to announce that Little Hip Squeaks is now a team of four amazing ladies! I've recently hired three sweethearts, Amy, Amy and Marie, all lending a helping hand where it's desperately needed. Amy B., a dear old friend, will be handling all customer...

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LHS in Print!

Hey ya'll! I'm super excited to announce that the Little Hip Squeaks chevron blankets were featured in the July/August issue of Natural Child Magazine! Unfortunately, I found out a bit too late and haven't been able to track a copy down! Blerg!

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new stuff!

I've finally got my idea of a "perfect headband" and have added them to the shop, along with new hats! Check it!

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Find me at booth #138! Chicago's 10th Anniversary Renegade Craft Fair!

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Find me at booth #168!

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