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About J&J Perks

We are pleased to introduce J&J Perks-- a way to earn rewards for simply being a loyal customer!


Have a J&J Account? You're already signed up to earn points! Just log in to activate
How do I create an Account? Click the J&J Perks icon (bottom left of screen)
How do I earn points?
Earn 5 points for every $1 spent
  • Sign Up For our Newsletter 
  • Refer Friends
  • Earn 200 points just for signing up
  • Look for extra points promotions on our Social Media!
What can I get with my points?
  • 1000 points = Free Shipping Voucher
  • 1500 points = $10 gift card (use one per purchase)
  • 2500 points = 25% off voucher
  • 10000 points= $200 gift card


Q: Why haven't my perks points shown up for my purchases, or why are they still pending?
A: All purchase points take 14 days to be approved from day of purchase.

Q: I made purchases on two different emails, is there anyway we can merge accounts?
A: We CANNOT MERGE accounts. One email must be chosen and used from that point forward. If you typically checkout via PayPal, we recommend using the account associated with your PayPal email for all purchases.

Q: How far back do perk points go?
A: Perks points go back three days from when you make your perks account.
Example: if you make your perks account on 11/27, then any purchases you made between 11/24-11/27 will be on your perks.

Q: I forgot to login before making a purchase, will I still get perks?
A: Yes, all purchases are connected to a email. If you paid with PayPal, this is more than likely the email your perks will be under for that specific purchase.

Q: I referred a friend and they used the code, why didn't I receive perks?
A: When you copy the link given to you by perks to refer customers, they MUST complete their purchase with the window the link opened. You cannot just copy the discount code that pops up, surf and then reopen J&J at a different time. The discount code does not let perks know you referred someone. It must be the original link!
PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT REFER TO MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD. Referral abuse is against the rules and may result in Perks account suspension.

Q) I referred a friend and they followed my link. I have no referral points, why?
A: In order to receive points for a referral, they must spend $50 or more. If their total is $50 and they use a coupon that brings their subtotal below this, then you will not receive perks. Their total after coupon MUST be at least $50. (This rule shows up when you click "refer friend.")

Q: If I save up all my perks, can I just get one gift card, instead of multiple ten dollar gift cards?
A: No, the gift cards for Perks rewards only come in increments of $10 or $200. Alternately, you can also save your perks for 25% off a $100 purchase.

Q: I made a purchase using a gift card, why didn't I get points?
A: In order to prevent abuse, purchases with J&J gift cards as the payment method do not accrue points.

Q: I have a question that's not answered here, can you help me?
A: We sure can! You can reach our perks expert at

Perks auto imports everyone who has ever made a purchase with us. That being said, you still have to create an account. You may have multiple accounts due to purchasing with different emails throughout your purchase history. We encourage you to choose one and stick to it. This goes hand and hand with logging in the same way every time to reduce errors with points going to the wrong accounts.

**We reserve the right to close to your account at any time if we have reasonable cause to believe there is abuse such as referral abuse.**

**Special perks points promotions are not retroactive for previous purchases prior to promotion**


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