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J&J Surprise Style Bundles // Valentine Theme!
J&J Surprise Style Bundles // Valentine Theme!
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  • J&J Surprise Bundles are SURPRISE STYLE; you’ll receive a mailer comprised of 4 or more items
  • “Girl” Bundles indicate that Skirts, Headbands, Tights and Dresses may be included -- however, these pieces are welcome to be worn by anyone.
  • May include returns, samples, overstock or out of stock items. Apparel and/or Accessories and/or Gifts + Goods may be included.
  • Valentine Theme may include the following colors; Holly, Grapefruit, Haze, Orchid, Bubblegum, Violet, Blush, Rose, Snow, Onyx, Pistachio, Soft Mint, Slate Gray.
  • We cannot guarantee product inclusion in these bundles unless otherwise noted, and are unable to take color or style requests. (Photos do not represent contents of bundles
  • We cannot guarantee you will not receive duplicates if you purchase more than one bundle. 
  • No returns, no exchanges, no exceptions.

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